Aislinn Sharp



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  • Psychological Treatment & Support Psychological Treatment & Support

    Aislinn is a caring psychologist, here to listen and help you. Using collaborative and strength-based approaches, Aislinn believes therapy should be an empowering and rewarding process that fosters client resilience and personal growth. She is passionate about assisting clients with problem solving and reaching desired goals, emotional regulation, and creating helpful and positive self-talk, dialogue and relationships with others.

    As a psychologist and R U OK? Ambassador, Aislinn is passionate about supporting the theme of World Mental Health Day through her practice: "Mental health is a basic human right for all people”, and “everyone, whoever and wherever they are, has a right to the highest attainable standard of mental health” (World Health Organization, 2023).

    As a psychologist and musician, Aislinn combines the art of understanding human behaviour with the creativity of music. This unique blend allows her to connect with a broad range of people through a broad range of approaches that at times will combine exploring the complexities of the human mind through psychology and expressing emotions through music, Consequently, Aislinn brings a holistic approach to her work, offering a well-rounded perspective that resonates with many.

    Aislinn also applies a broad range of talking therapies to help with anxiety and depression, and positive psychology approaches to assist with optimal mental health and wellbeing. These approaches include, for example, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, and Narrative Therapy.

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  • Performance Psychology - The Arts & Entertainment Performance Psychology - The Arts & Entertainment

    As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Aislinn works extensively with entertainers, artists, and musicians to encourage optimum mental health and well-being. 

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    Combining her knowledge and experience as a psychologist and music artist in the entertainment industry, Aislinn provides quality performance psychology, and mental health-based one-to-one consults, group work programs, and workshops. Her experience includes working with pre-tertiary and tertiary music students at both Open and Queensland Conservatorium (Griffith University), as well as schools (e.g., Grace Lutheran College, Caboolture) offering support with managing performance anxiety, emotional regulation, and finding joy in music activities.

     Aislinn's passion for music and mental health has resulted in her becoming a Patron for the Choir of Hard Knocks, and social entrepreneur and Founder of 'Music and The Mind' - a show that promotes mental health awareness through her original music and dialogue with the audience. She values helping and supporting others in the arts, sport and entrepreneurship community with building resilience and health and wellbeing practices in the pursuit of peak performance and excellence. 

      Aislinn also has years of experience working with university students helping with anxiety and self-regulation, and offering support coping and thriving with studies, and taking exams.

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  • Workplace Wellbeing & Psychological Support (EAP & WorkCover) Workplace Wellbeing & Psychological Support (EAP & WorkCover)

    Aislinn has extensive experience in providing organisational support through counselling, wellbeing management, and coaching to help enhance the psychological health and wellbeing of all staff at work and life.

    Aislinn's experience as a psychologist includes providing organisational support to assist employees struggling at work, or who would like to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 

    With knowledge and training in organisational psychology and extensive experience across Government, education and retail settings, Aislinn is available to provide services through our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and WorkCover. 

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  • Career Support Career Support

    Aislinn's work as a psychologist in the field of career support endeavours to assist, inspire, and empower students and adults to build their career in a way that promotes quality engagement in career/work choices by tapping in to personal interests and practical steps towards career aspirations. 

    Aislinn has worked extensively in career and employment support for a number of years through Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University offering individuals career support in building self-awareness and "world of work" knowledge. 

    Her approach is founded on key career development theories (e.g., Systems Theory Framework), assessment tools, and labour market information to assist each unique client with designing and realising their own career and life aspirations.

    In addition, Aislinn has developed and presented career resources and job workshops that focus on the practical steps of: (1) writing effective résumés, cover letters and selection criteria responses, (2) interview skills, (3) job search strategies, (4) networking, and a range of other key points of focus. 

    Aislinn continues to hold a particular passion for social entrepreneurship. As the start-up Founder of her ‘Music and The Mind’ show, Aislinn incorporates her experience and skills gained from such endeavours with her qualifications and experience as a psychologist to offer relevant and practical guidance in entrepreneurship, and in building a career that considers (1) your personal values, and that can (2) create meaningful change in the community.

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  • Qualifications Qualifications

    Master of Organisational Psychology

    The University of Queensland

    Thesis title: What makes people creative? An investigation of emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, and personality factors on levels of creativity.

    Bachelor of Psychology

    Griffith University

    Thesis title: Attentional bias for facial expression of emotion in performance anxiety: An investigation using virtual reality.

    Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Career Development)

    The University of Queensland

    Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

    Queensland University of Technology

    Bachelor of Music in Performance (First Class Honours)

    Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University