Seminars & Workshops

In-person or online

We conduct workshops and seminars in applied psychology across a number of professional disciplines.

Workshops are practice-based and interactive in nature, aimed at involving you and your group in a number of different activities and exercises relevant to the topic being addressed.

Workshops in applied psychology include a comprehensive range of potential areas of focus. They can run for a couple of hours, a full day, a whole weekend or over a number of nights.

Below are just a few examples of some workshops that we are available to lead:

  • Mindsets for Peak Performance: Keeping in the zone through hard times and tough challenges
  • Leaders with an Edge: The psychology of effective coaching, management and leadership
  • Mental Health Skills Training for the General Medical Practitioner
  • Motivational Interviewing for Optimising Patient Care in Health and Allied Health Practice
  • Attachment Needs of the Infant and Toddler: Considerations for early childhood education and care

This Fee Structure link will take you to a detailed overview of costs for the services outlined above. 

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