Dr Richard (Dick) Hicks

Counselling Psychologist / Organisational Psychologist / Clinical Psychologist


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  • Counselling Psychology & Clinical Psychology Counselling Psychology & Clinical Psychology

    Professor Richard Hicks holds in high regard the interactions he has with clients over many years and appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those he engages through the processes of change that psychological treatment offers.  

    Professor Richard Hicks is a renowned psychologist known for his expertise in helping individuals overcome various mental health challenges. 

    He is a registered psychologist with practice endorsements in Counselling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. These two areas of practice dovetail into comprehensive psychological practice in the field of mental health assessment and treatment.

    Mental health assessment and treatment is an area that Richard has engaged in comprehensively throughout his career. This has included, for example, private practice, university lecturing across undergrad and postgrad counselling and clinical psychology programs and supervision of provisional psychologists' clinical practice placements. 

    With his wealth of experience and deep understanding of human behaviour, Richard provides valuable insights and strategies to support his clients in navigating through life's complexities. His compassionate approach and dedication to his profession make him a trusted and respected figure in the field.

    But above all, Dick always feels privileged in the opportunity to engage clients in a way that can assist them in times of psychological distress and need.

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  • Organisational Psychology Organisational Psychology

    One of Richard's passions is in the application of psychological assessments and strategies for organisational success. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, not only as a consultant and practitioner but also as a renowned academic and expert in the field.

    With additional endorsement in Organisational Psychology Professor Richard Hicks brings a wealth of experience to the field. His research and insights can offer valuable perspectives on workplace dynamics and employee behaviour. By drawing from his knowledge, organisations can obtain a deep understanding of how to improve productivity and foster positive work environments.

    Richard has a broad range of experience in the management and supervision of staff and students in extensive government and academic services over many years in Australia, Zambia, PNG, the UK, the US and through senior management and academic roles in universities.

    This includes, for example, senior research and administrative positions in the public services of Zambia and Papua New Guinea and many decades in academic roles through the San Jose State University in California, the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane (QUT) and Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia—such university positions combined academic and management roles, including Head of School and Associate Dean.

    Richard has also engaged in research across the field of organisational psychology for many years to tease out the nuances of corporate performance across a range of different areas. He can work with executive management and corporate leaders individually or through more focused workshops and group work.

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  • Professional Development, Teaching & Lecturing Professional Development, Teaching & Lecturing

    Prof. Dick Hicks has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with your team across the fields of counselling psychology, clinical psychology and organisational psychology that spans a few decades. Coupled with his experience in university teaching and international conference presentations, Dick's depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across his fields of expertise make him a valuable resource for your team and organisation. 

    Dick's early education was at the University College of Newcastle NSW, where he completed majors in Psychology and Mathematics. He also obtained training to be a secondary school teacher in Rhodesia, Africa, obtaining a University of London qualification. 

    His master's and doctoral theses in psychology were completed through the University of South Africa (while working in Southern Africa and then in Papua New Guinea).

    Dick has a professional, management and teaching background in applied psychology, with particular areas of interest being organisational, health and developmental psychology. His early career was in cross-cultural psychology and psychometrics. Since then, Dick has held senior research and administrative positions in the public services of Zambia and Papua New Guinea. Most recently, Dick has focused his attention on academia, teaching at several universities including QUT, The University of Queensland, and the San Jose State University California.

    Currently residing on the Gold Coast, Australia, Dick has been teaching at Bond University since 1998 as a professor of psychology and served four years as Head of School of the School of Psychology through the Faculty of Humanities.

    Dick has published more than 200 articles, books, chapters, psychological tests, surveys, and classroom simulations and exercises. He has also presented nationally and internationally at numerous conferences. He supervises honours, masters and doctoral theses across a range of organisational, clinical, counselling, health and personality psychology.

    Dick is currently a Fellow of the Australian and British Psychological Societies and of the Australian Institute of Management. He is also a member of the Clinical, Counselling, and Organisational Colleges of the Australian Psychological Society and a member of the US Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

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  • Qualifications Qualifications
  • Publications & Presentations Publications & Presentations

    Richard's academic activity has produced more than 200 articles, books, psychological tests, surveys, and classroom simulations and exercises over a 50-year period of research and practice in psychology, management and university teaching. 

    Please click on THIS LINK to be taken to an overview selection of Dick's publications from 2001 to 2024. 

    His academic achievements also include numerous conference presentations and published work of student honours, master's and doctoral theses in organisational psychology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology, health psychology and personality psychology. 

    Richard has extensive experience presenting and teaching internationally across conferences and university settings. His capacity to engage his audience ensures his presentations are well-informed and well-received. 

    Ultimately, Richard enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights with other professionals on the practical benefits of psychology in the workplace and its positive influence on workplace performance, teamwork, culture and overall well-being.