Fee Structure

Treatment Sessions, Professional Consultations, Assessments, Reports & Presentations

  • Treatment Sessions Treatment Sessions
    Treatment Session TypeStandard Fee*Rebate**Out of Pocket
    Standard In-Room Treatment Consult (50 minutes)$140.00$84.80$55.20
    Standard In-Room Treatment Consult (Concession) ***$105.00$84.80$20.20
    Short In-Room Treatment Consult (25 minutes)$85.00$60.10$24.90
    Short In-Room Treatment Consult (Concession) ***$70.00$60.10$9.90
    Standard Off-Site Treatment Consult (50 minutes) $180.00$106.10$73.90
    Standard Off-Site Treatment Consult (Concession)***$145.00$106.10$38.90
    * Standard Fees listed are set from 1st January 2017 and reviewed every 6 months.

    ** Rebate amount refers to an Australian Government Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Initiative only

     ^ If not eligible for the rebate shown above, the total out of pocket expense will vary depending on the type of private health insurance cover

    *** Concession Fee is for Concession/Pension Card Holders only

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  • Skype Appointments Skype Appointments
    Skype Treatment Session*Fee**Rebate^Total^^
    Standard Skype Treatment Consult (50 Minutes)$140.00$0.00$140.00
    Standard Skype Treatment Consult (50 Minutes) Concession^^$105.00$0.00$105.00
    Short Skype Treatment Consult (25 minutes)
    Short Skype Treatment Consult (25 minutes)

    * Skype Treatment Session refers to treatment sessions via Skype instead of attending the appointment on location. 

    ** All fees are in Australian Dollars

    ^ There are no government rebates available for videoconference (e.g., Skype) treatment appointments 

    ^^ Concession Fee is for Concession/Pension Card Holders only
  • Professional Consultations Professional Consultations
    Professional Consultation Type^
    Standard In-Room Consult (50 minutes)$140.00$14.00$154.00
    Short In-Room Consult (25 minutes)**$85.00$8.50$93.50
    Standard Skype Consult (50 minutes)$140.00$14.00$154.00
    Short In-Room Consult (25 minutes)$85.00$8.50$93.50

    ^ Professional Consultation Type includes any consultation that is not considered 'psychological treatment' (e.g., High Performance Sport Psychology, Corporate Coaching & Supervision)

    * All Fees are in Australian Dollars

     ** Professional appointments with a psychologist other than for treatment incurs GST (refers to an Australian Goods and Services Tax) that must be payed for professional consultation services. 

    ^^ Private Insurance may rebate for psychological services other than for treatment. Check with your private insurer.

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  • Psychological Assessments & Report Writing Psychological Assessments & Report Writing
    Type of Psychological Assessment & ReportAssessment Interview FeeReport write-up FeeTotal Cost (includes GST)
    Basic Report Treatment Update
    Based on treatment sessions already completed. Therefore no assessment tools or additional interview sessions required.
    Brief Assessment & Report 
    Up to three (3) hours of assessment interview time and one (1) relevant assessment tool.
    Standard Assessment & Report
    Up to five (5) hours of assessment interview time and two (2) relevant assessment tools.
    Comprehensive Assessment & Report
    Up to seven (7) hours of assessment interview time and three (3) relevant assessment tools.


    Total Cost in the table above includes all assessment interview sessions, related assessment tools, scoring, collating and interpreting of all written assessment results and the write up of the report.

    • Additional Costs
      • An additional cost on reports is required for any prior reading of relevant documents for the report. This includes, for example, documented court proceedings, charges and/or rulings and/or any other documents deemed relevant for the purpose of writing the report. This additional cost is set at $3.25/page.
    • Determining the Purpose of Use for the Psychological Assessment & Report
      •  It is important to determine the type of assessment and/or report process most suited to your requirements; therefore all psychological assessments and reports require confirmation of their Purpose of Use prior to the commencement of the assessment/report process
      • Purpose of Use could include the following: Criminal and/or Family Court Proceedings; Expert Witness Testimonies; Clinical Assessment of Mental Health Concerns, Personality Profiling, High Performance Assessment, Mental Skills for Sporting Performance, Corporate Leadership Style & Team Dynamics.

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  • Key Note Presentations, Seminars & Workshops Key Note Presentations, Seminars & Workshops
    Type of Professional Development  Fee per Hour*^ GST Total Per Hour
    Key Note Address
    Aimed at larger audiences taking the form of a speech or lecture with little to no expectation of any interaction from the audience.
    $450.00 $45.00 $495.00
    Catering to smaller groups offering greater audience interaction and discussion over the content being presented.
    $350.00 $35.00 $385.00
    Catering to smaller groups focused primarily on maximum participation and engagement of the audience through relevant activities based on the content being addressed.
    $250.00 $25.00 $275.00


    * Additional charges will be incurred according to travel and accomodation requirements and in relation to teaching materials, assessment tools and/or any other relevant teaching resources required. Contact Clive to discuss your requirements.

    ^ All fees are in Australian Dollars

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