Mental Health Assessment & Treatment

Working with adults, adolescents and children.

Clive has a key focus on Mental Health Assessment & Treatment addressing complex issues across a broad range of psychological disorders and concerns.

Clive works with individuals, couples and families, including adults, adolescents and children.

It is the area of mental health assessment and treatment that continues to be a primary area of focus and commitment for Clive in his private practice and related academic pursuits.

Clive is a registered practising psychologist receiving mental health referrals from Medical Practices, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians Psychiatric Wards, WorkCover, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Probation & Parole, Schools, Universities, Child Care Centres, Community Organisations, and the Elite Sporting Community.

This Fee Structure link will take you to a detailed overview of costs for the services outlined in the tabs below. 

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  • Individual Therapy Individual Therapy
    Treatment Areas:

    Treating adults, adolescent's and children, Clive's key areas of treatment include (but are not limited to):

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • anorexia nervosa
    • PTSD
    • OCD
    • panic disorder
    • personality disorders (including BPD)
    • suicidal ideation
    • self harming
    • conduct disorder
    • issues of adjustment & coping
    • dissociative spectrum
    • abuse & trauma
    • bereavement
    • aggression
    • other behavioural issues relating to children and adolescents
    • drug and alcohol abuse/addictions (incl. narcotics & amphetamines)
    Strategies of Approach:

    As a specialist in mental health Clive integrates a broad range of therapeutic approaches to suit the needs and attributes of each client. Working towards the goals you wish to achieve, some of the approaches often used by Clive include:

    • cognitive therapy
    • cognitive behaviour therapy
    • motivational interviewing
    • interpersonal therapy
    • narrative therapy
    • person centred
    • general psycho-education
    • psychodynamic
    • psychosocial/attachment based approaches
    • broader family systems model of approach when working with children and adolescents.

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  • Online Telehealth Online Telehealth

    Your geographic location is no longer a barrier. By using online telehealth (e.g., Zoom or Skype) you can access Clive's expertise from anywhere across Australia and around the globe.

    This free technology removes any barriers created by distance, allowing you to have a consultation with Clive—with or without video—from any location around the globe with an internet connection.

    Using telehealth (e.g., Zoom or Skype) for psychological services has been verified by research* to be just as beneficial for the treatment and assessment of mental health issues and disorders.

    Email today to co-ordinate a time for a Skype appointment with Clive that fits in with your timezone. 

    * Simpson, S. G., & Reid, C. L (2014). Therapeutic alliance in video conferencing psychotherapy: A review. The Australian Journal of Rural Health, 22 (6), 280-299.

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  • Couple's counselling Couple's counselling

    Clive works closely with couples, guiding them through healthy ways to communicate as they discuss key areas of conflict and concern.

    When counselling couples, Clive’s primary goal is to help guide them towards an invigorated partnership by key processes and strategies of approached aimed at reigniting their love and commitment through working cooperatively on barriers to their intimacy.

    Key issues addressed along the way may include, for example: effective conflict resolution, creating and respecting boundaries, and communication skills. In cases where relationship separation and/or divorce is the preferred outcome, Clive assists couples to come to as healthy a resolution as possible.

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  • Families & Groups Families & Groups

    As a qualified school teacher, university lecturer, psychologist and parent, Clive has broad expertise in the areas of child and adolescent development, parenting, and family dynamics.


    Key family issues that he regularly assists with include: discipline & behavioural issues, conflict resolution, family dynamics, separation & divorce, step families, and school issues.

    For families, Clive often uses a variety of individual sessions—including separate sessions for children—along with larger group sessions for multiple family members.


    Clive also leads group therapy sessions on specific topics at different times throughout the year. Focus areas for these sessions include: anger management, stress management, anxiety & depression, post-trauma recovery, parenting, communication skills, and assertiveness training.

    With 6-10 participants per group, sessions are scheduled to run once per week, for 10 weeks. Details of the next group therapy session available and how you can be involved can be obtained by contacting Clive’s office.

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  • Psychological Assessments Psychological Assessments

    Clive provides psychological assessments for adolescents and adults. The purpose of a psychological assessment is to obtain a mental health diagnosis and related mental health based evaluations.

    A full assessment usually requires 2 to 6 consultations, depending on its purpose. Components of an assessment include the completion of assessment items, followed by a review and discussions relating to those items, often culminating in a written report.

    In addition to private clients, Clive often receives requests for psychological assessments from a variety of other sources, such as: Workcover, the Department of Veteran Affairs, probation & parole offices, solicitors and schools.

    This wide-range of referrers reflects the many possible objectives for psychological assessments, which can also include high performance functioning, team dynamics and group cohesion in contexts such as corporate industry and elite sport.

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  • Psycho-legal services Psycho-legal services

    Clive can provide psychological assessments and reports for psycho-legal matters. 

    Following a comprehensive assessment of a client’s psychological state over several sessions, robust psycho-legal reports are produced.

    Clive also provides psychological rehabilitation services and related treatment of criminal behaviour, with referrals from probation & parole offices and related criminal court-ordered treatment plans. He works with perpetrators towards the primary goal of establishing authentic and enduring rehabilitation and reform.

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What to expect

Seeing a psychologist for the first time can be a bit unnerving—if you have some feelings of reservation, this is normal!

Clive is sensitive to this and is therefore committed to providing a relaxed environment that will not create pressure or expectations on you.

Your first session is an opportunity to get to know Clive and for him to gain an understanding of you and the situation you want to work through. The sessions that follow will involve you working together with Clive towards the goals that you wish to achieve. Each standard session is 50 minutes in length.

Keep in mind that psychologists are there for your benefit, not their own. Because of this, Clive will always be more than happy to discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable or unsure about the services he provides.

Feel free to contact us if you need anything clarified