Key Areas of Focus

Counselling Psychologist / High Performance Sport Psychologist

  • Counselling Psychology Counselling Psychology

    Clive has a key focus on Mental Health Assessment & Treatment, taking on complex cases across a broad range of issues and concerns.

    As a counselling psychologist, Clive applies the process of psychological therapy in the prevention, assessment and treatment of mental health disorders and concerns. He utilises a wide variety of evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches to ensure your specific needs and circumstances are addressed effectively.

    Based at his Bundall Practice on the Gold Coast, Australia, Clive works with adults, adolescent's and older children, either individually, with couples or whole families. This will depend on the concerns being addressed at the time when determining the best approach to take in consultation with you, your concerns and personal preference.

    It is the area of mental health assessment and treatment that continues to be a primary area of focus and commitment for Clive in his private practice and in his university teaching and related academic pursuits. Make an appointment today.

    Clive receives regular mental health referrals from Medical Practices, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Psychiatric Wards, WorkCover, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Probation & Parole, Schools, Universities, Child Care Centres, Community Organisations, and the Elite Sporting Community.

    Apart from his long term private practice commintments, Clive also served 10 years as executive director, principal supervisor and founder of a consortium of NGO mental health services where he supervised a team of psychologists, social workers and counsellors on a weekly basis while maintaining his own case load. While working intense mental health cases, Clive also has a specialist interest in sport psychology since 1994 and is currently a preferred sport psychology provider with the Queensland Academy of Sport in Australia.

    Clive is available for appointments either via Skype or face-to-face consultation both locally and internationally. Please feel free to Contact us via email or phone to make an appointment with Clive or to find out how he may be able to help. Whether you are wanting to talk through individual appointments, or appointments with your partner or child, your enquiries are always welcome and your confidentiality is always respected.

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  • High Performance Psychology High Performance Psychology

    Elite Sporting Performance

    Clive has extensive experience in High-Performance Psychology, providing confidential mental health services for elite Olympic and world champion athletes, teams/squads, coaches, and their families across a broad range of sports.

    Developed through his long-term (20+ years) of experience in the field of sport and exercise psychology, Clive has contributed to national and international sporting magazines and scientific journals, researched into the biopsychosocial variables of stress and burnout in elite athletic endeavours, and has written and taught as a university lecturer in sport and exercise psychology while presenting at conferences nationally and internationally on optimising mental health for peak performance.

    As a sport and exercise psychologist Clive continues to consult athletes, teams, and squads from a range of sports at a national and international level including, for example; AFL (Aussie Rules Football), Athletics (Track & Field), Circus Performance, Competitive Body Building, Cricket, Cycling (Track & Road), Dance (e.g., Ballet), Diving, Equestrian, Football (Soccer), Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Motorcross, Netball, NRL (National Rugby League), Rugby Union, Rowing, Sky Diving, Surf Ironmen & women, Swimming, Squash, Tennis, Triathlons & V8 Car Racing.

    Whether on location at your sporting venue or business, at his Gold Coast Practice at Bundall, or via Zoom from anywhere in the world, Clive is available to assist in your high-performance endeavours.

    Clive's interest and experience in sport and exercise psychology stemmed from previous experience in both the sporting and fitness industries. For example, he played rugby league for twelve (12) years and rugby union for four (4) years at a local level and more seriously competed as a triathlete at state, national and international levels including the World Championship Triathlon (3km swim/120km bike/ 32km run) in Nice, France back in 1987. He has also coached numerous cyclists, swimmers and triathletes and has also been a health and fitness consultant and fitness centre manager.

    Complimenting his own sporting experience, Clive also has post graduate training in exercise physiology, sports coaching and has picked up numerous coaching certificates along the way. It was only natural for Clive to incorporate this area of sport and exercise psychology in to his practice. He understands the elite sporting community and the demands of elite level commitment. He enjoys bringing out the best in others and ensures his skills and experience in psychology are applied directly to the pursuit of excellence and high level sporting achievement.

    Clive is available for appointments either via Skype or face-to-face consultation both locally and internationally. Please feel free to Contact us via email or phone to make an appointment with Clive or to find out how he may be able to help. Whether you are wanting to talk through individual appointments, team/squad consults or workshop and presentation ideas, your enquiries are always welcome and your confidentiality is always respected.

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    Life Coaching in Corporate Leadership & Executive Management

    Clive is passionate about applying High Performance Psychology to the mentoring of corporate leaders & executive managers to ignite motivation, commitment and a collaborative team spirit in the pursuit of high performance goals.

    By applying the best methods of approach in the psychology of elite world-class performance into the competitive world of business, Clive helps corporate leaders bring out the best in both themselves and their team in a way that is personally fulfilling, constructive and enjoyable for both themselves, their family and their work colleagues around them.

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  • Professional Development Professional Development

    Clive offers professional development across a range of areas in psychology for Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses, Physiotherapists, General Medical Practitioners, Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Sporting Teams, Athlete's and Corporate Industry.

    Clive has had an extensive range of seminars, workshops, and presentations in psychology (available both online and on location) peer reviewed and endorsed by a number of professional bodies and conference committees as ongoing professional development for health and allied health professionals.

    This includes, for example:

    • the Australian Psychological Society (APS)
    • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
    • Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
    • General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC)
    • International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
    • Sports Management Association of Australia & New Zealand (SMAAZ)
    • Asian Pacific Professional Counselling Association (APPCA)
    • Asian Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors (APRCC)
    • New Zealand Association of Counselling (NZAC)
    • Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
    • Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
    • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
    • APS Psychology Education Interest Group
    • APS Personality & Individual Differences Interest Group
    • APS College of Counselling Psychologists
    • APS College of Sport & Exercise Psychologists

    Based at his Bundall Practice on the Gold Coast, Clive presents nationally and internationally.

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  • Teaching & Lecturing Teaching & Lecturing

    Clive is committed to helping ensure psychology training and related Professional Development for health and allied health professionals is of a standard and quality that enhances professional expertise in both current and future practitioners.

    Based on the Gold Coast at his Bundall Practice, Clive has held ongoing academic appointments teaching in undergraduate and post graduate degrees in psychology and psychotherapy since 2003, which has also included supervising numerous research theses at the graduate and post graduate levels across honours, masters and doctoral degrees.

    This included the position of Adjunct Asst Professor (2006-2017) through the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia and founding Head of School for the Australian Institute of Psychology where he played a key role in the set up and accreditation of a new school of psychology and bachelor of psychological science degree.

    Clive has written and taught numerous undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in psychology and psychotherapy. These subjects include (but are not limited to) abnormal psychology, counselling & mental health, counselling psychology, advanced counselling psychology, the psychotherapeutic relationship, cross cultural psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology & counselling, personality & individual difference, psychology of high performance, psychology of sport & exercise, social psychology, communication, leadership & negotiation, communication for optimum patient care, psychology of injury & rehabilitation, the psychology of motivation & compliance to treatment, and teaching to difference.

    Clive has also contributed to the development of a Master of High Performance Science and Doctorate of Physiotherapy Program through Bond University focusing specifically on the psychological components of each program.

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